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Bara Beach Bungalows is a cozy and rustic boutique hotel in a gorgeous natural location and lush vegetation and blue oceans. The beachfront restaurant is a delight and serves Indonesian along with some Western dishes, as well as cold drinks, and complimentary wireless internet access. Bara Beach Bungalows is situated well outside of the tourist zone located in Bira, South Sulawesi. If it weren’t for Stefan riding into town riding his motorbike to help us around, we’d had a difficult time finding the property, but don’t fret that we’ve tracked our journey via our GPS and it’s possible to get straight to the location!

It’s much quieter and cleaner than Bira Beach. The location is not remote and allows you to stay connected to the Internet and blog while also providing peace and quiet you’re unlikely to find in Bira. The nearby facilities are also less expensive than those at the Amatoa Resort. Low tides connect Bira and Bara Beach, allowing you to walk from one to the other.

Geographical Importance of Bara Beach

Pak Bara Beach is in the 38th spot of the 45 beaches of the Satun Province region. 45 kilometers from the center, which is the town of Satun. It is among the beaches in the Pak Bara settlement situated only 1.3 km away from its central point. The beach is located within an urban zone. It is partly covered with trees, which provide natural shade.

The water’s entrance is extremely smooth. During the peak season, it is not always crowded. The beach has the following amenities: umbrellas, lounge chairs, a beach restaurant, restrooms, and showers.

Activities in Pak Bara Beach

There’s plenty to do within and around Pak Bara Beach, especially if you’re able to relax and unwind at your hotel. If you’re looking for fun and adventure, learning opportunities, or simply to unwind, ebookers have something for you to help you get the most out of your time at Pak Bara Beach.


The fish steak was a bit murky in a good manner, however, it did taste slightly sticky. There was a mango chutney over the top, and it was served with chips and rice. The fish was boney, and we may not receive the most perfect cut.

The Prawns were swimming in a delicious sauce that was sweet and slightly tart. I believe it contained some sugar, vinegar, pepper, and lime. The sauce was a washout of the fresh flavor of the prawns. It was a shame.

This could be the issue with the food at the final. The food was cooked well and fresh, and the sauces became delicious. However, they did not match well when paired. For guests staying over, they provide the basic breakfast, which costs about Rs. 500-600. I’ve never tried it.


They have excellent drinks. It was a nice drink. Mojito was a little too strong, but it’s not bad once the ice starts melting. The Daiquiri. Wow. Amazing. This is not bad for a drink that contains sugar syrup, rum, as well as passionfruit. It was really delicious passion fruit. The bitterness of the drink became slightly rummy, nonetheless balanced by a hint of sweetness from the sugar and some sourness from the fruit.


The service is excellent, but the resort becomes run by a rough group of Sri Lankans. The time was off, and they were more welcoming than usual. One of them informed me that they rarely allow locals in unless with whites, it’s the off-season and they’re desperate, or both.

Pak Bara Beach transportation details

Whatever your origin, ebookers will provide the means to transport passengers to their Pak Bara Beach hotel. Initially, you’ll find a wide range of flights that allow you to take flights to the nearest airport at the lowest possible cost. The journey from the airport to Pak Bara Beach is then straightforward. Simply search for and reserve any of our car rental deals that will allow you to arrive at your hotel in style. Be aware that hotel descriptions include information about parking. As a result, it’s a good idea to confirm the parking information before leaving for the airport.

Alternative Places To Go Bara Beach

1. Pulau Selayar

Pulau Selayar is an island located off the coastline of Bira Cape, which is a little over 2 hours of travel by ferry. It is a large island that the majority of people become unfamiliar with. Keep checking back!

2. Taka Bonerate National Park

Sulawesi has eight national parks that already long been popular tourist destinations. The most popular ones are, of course, Bunaken National Park located in the northern region of Sulawesi, and Wakatobi National Park in the southeast of Sulawesi. Taka Bonerate has not received the same amount of attention as its counterparts. But it gains some traction among local travelers who are drawn to less-traveled destinations. Aside from having an incredible underwater world, it is also known for having the largest atoll in Indonesia. We didn’t have the chance to visit because I first heard about it just as we were about to take off to Makassar. The time was not right! Next time, perhaps!

3. Takapala Waterfall, Gowa

Takapala Waterfall is 109m high, with a massive volume of water pouring out every day, and gets larger during the rainy season. The water pouring out is able to hit the large chunks of rock at the bottom causing a loud explosion and splash of water that forms the appearance of a thin cloud that can extend as much as 20 meters. The waterfall’s location separates only by a road leading into it.

Final Thoughts about Bara Beach

Bara is an excellent illustration of the low-cost local-run hostels and BnBs popping up throughout the South coast. They’re generally very racist and coming to the area to experience it will seem like entering an unfamiliar country, searching for a mystical paradise with the promise of normality and monotony mixed with the best that’s more or less like your home. The parking lot is wide and can be able to accommodate many vehicles. There are not many hotels or homestays within this region and we must reserve the rooms on a certain day prior to obtaining a few days of time to enjoy the beach. You can also stay in Tanjung Bira that near Bara Beach.

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