Traganou Beach


Traganou Beach draws fewer people due to its pebbled surface. It is unspoiled and attracts fewer people. Traganou Beach is a popular choice for sunseekers and beach enthusiasts due to its parasols and loungers and calm, clear water, which is ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

Traganou Cave is also located on the northern side of the beach. You can either swim into the caves’ shadows or explore the nooks and crevices on the beach. They will protect your feet from the hard pebbles in the water. After you’ve had enough time on the waves, enjoy some delicious seafood at Traganou Taverna.

What is a Traganou Beach?

Traganou Beach is flat and spacious, with pebbles in various sizes that run along the seabed. This area has a beautiful, clear sea and is rich in underwater life. The EU Blue Flag also gives to the beach.

The beautiful cave is located at the northern end, which is a popular spot for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. The colorful fish are not the only attraction here. Small octopuses also see in this area. Also, the unique sight of the sun shining through the cave’s windows is a spectacular spectacle in the ocean water.

Traganou is an organized beach. There are sun loungers and umbrellas for rent, as well as a fish tavern and snack stall. It’s easy to find quiet spots here as most of the beach has been left undeveloped. A further 4 km north is Faliraki another tourist beach. Traganou Beach has a quiet location, so it’s no surprise that most people who visit it are locals.

Traganou Beach is often linked to the tourist resort Afandou. The Afandou Caves are a popular spot where you can take a boat trip, including diving and swimming.

Top 3 Beaches in Traganou Beach Rhodes

Many tourists visit Rhodes to experience the Old Town’s history and traditional Greek cuisine. After you have had a taste, it is time to head out to the beautiful beaches of Rhodes. We astonishes at the island’s unique and diverse beaches when we began our coastal drive. There are many options, from long stretches of sandy beach to rock cliffs to pebbly coves. Join us as we discover the best 11 beaches in Rhodes Greece.


In the city, you’ll find the first beach on Rhodes. Elli Beach is located just steps away from the Old Town’s ancient walls. Elli Beach’s most striking feature is its tall concrete diving board that sits in the middle. Every day, divers of all ages sees on the Trampoline!


Anthony Quinn Bay is the perfect spot for beach lovers visiting Rhodes. This cove was our first encounter and it quickly became our favorite spot. You will be begging to get in the water!

This bay was named after the actor in the movie “Guns of Navarone”, which was shot here. If you are looking for a beach chair, be sure to arrive early in the summer.

3. Ixia beach

Ixia beach, located just outside of the city of Rhodes is a narrow, sandy beach made up of pebbles and sand. It usually equipped with umbrellas and deck chairs. The beach is ideal for windsurfing and surfing. You can rent equipment from various kiosks along the beach such as Surfer Paradise. Because waves are constant, the seabed becomes turbid and gravelly quickly. There are many restaurants and hotels just behind the beach.

What is the best time of year to travel?

Greece – A country that runs long from north to south. The recommendations for Greece will differ depending on where you’re going. The holiday season starts in May and ends in August. There are too many tourists and the temperatures on the southern islands reach 40 degrees. This may not be a suitable temperature for swimming, but it is not ideal for sightseeing. The best time to relax in Greece, either at the end of spring or the beginning of summer, is September-October.

Traganou Beach description

Traganou beach offers 5 main advantages

  • Clean air and transparent water
  • Uncrowded beach
  • Great conditions for snorkeling
  • Gentle water, but only for the first 5 m.
  • Low crime rate

It is considered a family-friendly holiday destination. The guests can explore caves and dive, sunbathe, or enjoy exquisite local cuisine. Photographers are able to capture stunning landscapes made up of majestic rocks and bright blue sea. Sunset and dawn are great times to take pictures. They have also not forgotten about fishermen, who organize fishing for squid as well as other aquatic life.

Traganou is only accessible by taxi or private transport. The Psalidi Reserve is also a must-see if you opt for the second option. They surrounded by natural beauty and the Greek heat.

Geographical Region of Traganou Beach

Traganou Beach is 15th out of 994 beaches within the South Aegean area, 125.4 kilometers from its center, Karpathos. It is located just 3.1km from the center of Afantou. It is also situated in a natural area with beautiful views amongst the mountains and surrounded by cliffs.

You don’t need to wear special shoes because it has crystal turquoise water with a light fine pebble. The water’s entrance is very smooth. The beach is also ideal for seniors, senior citizens, and those who are looking to relax.

Although resorts occupy a large portion of the beach, there are still plenty of areas that can be accessed for free. Only resort guests have access to the beach facilities. You will find a beach restaurant, loungers and umbrellas as well as changing rooms, showers, toilets, and changing rooms. The area also has a water park with many inflatable toys that provides great entertainment for children and parents. A lifeguard watches this beach during the season.

You can do more than just sunbathing and swimming.

The beach is easy to access, as it is very close to the road. There is parking right on the beach.

Within a radius of 5km, there are 6 additional beaches. Ladiko Beach II is the best, with a rating of 8.7.

More touristic destinations in Rhodes

The most popular beaches in Rhodes are Afandou beach and Agathi beach (Agia Agatha), Agios Palos beach (Lindos-Saint Paul Bay), Anthony Quinn (Vagies), Elli Beach (Rhodes Town), Faliraki, Megali Paralia beach(Lindos), Prasonisi, Tsambika beach

Do not forget these things if you’re on holiday in Rhodes.

  • Learn What travel insurance is also recommended, and why
  • View Rhodes travel deals: organized holiday deals to Rhodes
  • Individual travelers can choose from the island’s accommodations: Accommodations in Rhodes for Individual Travelers

Why is Traganou Beach recommended, and for whom?

1. For those who seek peace

Traganou also has a large portion of its beach developed. However, the beach is still very calm in these areas.

2. Pebble beach is for you

Gray pebbles cover the grass at the beach, so everyone who isn’t bothered by this will have a great time.

3. Accessible easily

Traganou is also easily accessible from the main road. A few hundred meters of asphalt strips also lead to Traganou.


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