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Voli Per Lampedusa is a popular tourist spot that is loved by those who enjoy the sea. The island is situated in the archipelago that comprises the Pelagie islands and is part of Sicily. It is closer in relation to Tunisian coasts. Lampedusa is the perfect spot for those who enjoy relaxing by the ocean. You can arrange dive excursions on Lampione Island. If you plan to enjoy your holiday in Lampedusa. It is possible to reach the city by boat and by making a reservation for flights. It is dependent on the city you are starting from. You can get to Lampedusa. If you are coming from northwestern regions it is best to travel via plane.

If you depart from Agrigento you will get the most efficient route. At Porto Empedocle it will take less than 8 hours before you can disembark in Lampedusa. The connection is provided to the ship-ownership company Siremar. The cost of round-trip travel by motorboats is between 70 and 100 euros. This starts at Agrigento. The price of a hydrofoil trip booked for the month of September is 120 euros total.

What is a Voli Per Lampedusa?

An Italian island called Voli Per Lampedusa is a part of the Pelagie archipelago in Sicily. It is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea archipelago and is found in the province of Agrigento. The municipality of Lampedusa and Linosa, which includes the island Linosa and has an estimated 6300 population, comprises these two islands and is the fifth-largest Sicilian island. It is close to both the coasts of Malta and Tunisia. The nation is a member of the European Union and the Schengen area. The Euro is its official currency, and its time zone is Central Europe.

Top 5 Flights in Voli Per Lampedusa

5 airlines connect between and to Voli Per Lampedusa airport. We will look them up in depth. Be aware however that, for the majority of time the connections are only made in the summer time that in aviation begins on March 28 and continues around the end of October.

1: Alitalia

The Italian National airline Alitalia travels through Voli Per Lampedusa from its hubs located in Milan Linate and Rome Fiumicino. These flights are only for a limited time. It is the case that using Alitalia you can depart for Lampedusa via any Italian airport with an additional flight to Rome Fiumicino.

2: Blu-express

The company that is low-cost Blu-Express is an offshoot of Blue Panorama Airlines, carries the seasonal flights with Lampedusa Airport from airports such as Milan Malpensa, Rome Fiumicino and Verona. It is worth noting that Blu-express, an affordable firm, also offers extra services like prior boarding, checked bags and travel insurance at a cost.

3: Mistral Air

Mistral Air, part of the Poste Italiane group, is the only airline to fly to Voli Per Lampedusa all through the year. The routes that it serves are to and from destinations in the Sicilian cities Catania as well as Palermo.

4: Volotea

It is the Spanish cheap flight Volotea is one which operates the most routes that connect to as well as departing from Lampedusa airport. It connects this island via Bergamo, Genoa, Turin, Venice and Verona, even if only in the summertime.

5: Vueling

The last of this list of carriers that fly to Lampedusa is another Spanish low-cost We are talking about Vueling who, through its base in Rome Fiumicino offers connections to and departs from the small Italian island.

When should you buy your Ticket to Voli Per Lampedusa?

Lampedusa is blessed with the Mediterranean climate that is warm, dry winters as well as warm sunny summers. Due to its geographic location and its location it is more mild than Sicily and Sicily, however the wind is often blowing. The peak season: the ideal time to visit Lampedusa is in the summer, specifically from July 1st until the end of September. Tourism is not a thing during autumn and winter months, however, the climate during the months between April and May could be fascinating for those who love hiking. To be able to purchase tickets at a reasonable price. It is necessary to keep track of the prices by using our website search engine liligo.com and our social media channels, and our website that is in Italian.

Where should I go in Voli Per Lampedusa?

Lampedusa is an island that is unique and a favorite tourist destination for those who appreciate unspoiled beaches and pure nature and the distinctive smells and colors of this land that lies between Africa as well as Europe. It will be difficult to describe the entire story of the island and the amazing places. It has a lot to offer, which is why we recommend going through our Lampedusa guide . Let’s look at the most popular attractions on the island:

Capo Grecale lighthouse: We suggest you appreciate the path which takes you from the middle of the town of Lampedusa to the lighthouse. It is an experience that is among the top stunning moments on the island.

Which Cities are served by direct low-cost flights to Voli Per Lampedusa?

You are probably wondering what is the best way to find low-cost travel to Lampedusa that only originates at Palermo or Catania? There are many other airlines that provide direct flights from a variety of cities with reasonable costs to allow you to easily get to our gorgeous island in the Pelagie archipelago.

If you are also departing from cities like Bologna , Genoa , Bergamo or Verona and you are in the Verona region. You can also benefit from the flights offered by the Volotea airline. Which allows you to get to the Island of Lampedusa between May and October. The rates vary depending on the season chosen, and there is a high demand for flights. And costs always see some slight increases, ranging at around EUR55 and rising to EUR280. Spanish airline Vueling accessible. Tickets start around EUR100 and increase to EUR180 during peak season.


The stunning island of Voli Per Lampedusa which is among the most southern regions of Italy is an attractive tourist destination. The warmth of the sun, the beautiful beaches, and postcard-perfect waters makes it a treasure to discover. Its location in the middle of Sicily and Africa is difficult to access via ship. Lampedusa airport is just several hundred meters from the city’s center and is evidently at its highest flow during summer.

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