Vosges Mountains


The Vosges Mountains, a hidden paradise just a short drive away from Germany, are a wonderful place to visit. Mountains are a wonderful place to enjoy a summer mountain adventure. They offer food, wine, and the rustic charm of Alsace.

What is the Vosges?

The Vosges Mountains in France stretch 75 miles close to the French-German border. This range is close to the border of Germany and extends into the Palatine Forest in Germany. The Vosges form a low-mountain range covering approximately 3,100 miles. Since 1989, the Vosges has been designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. There are 36 peaks in the Vosges Mountains that you can climb or explore. The highest peak stands at 4,672 feet and the lowest at 1,804 feet. Panoramas of the Black Forest, Swiss Mountains, and Rhine Valley can be seen from the Vosges mountains. There are remnants of glacial lakes and a forest of maples and pines in the Vosges.

Historical Background

The Vosges massifs are part of a larger region that also includes rivers, fir forests, and thermal springs. The landscape also includes Roman pagan walls that were used to defend the Middle Ages. It has been the scene of numerous battles over the centuries. This included the Battle between the French Kingdom and several German Kingdoms towards the end of the 18th century. Its mountainsides still have castle ruins that are part of this history. From 1871 to 1918, it also had a border between France and Germany. It witnessed two bloody World Wars and was the site of an international airliner that crashed into its mountains in 1992. This continued its tragic legacy.

Camping Holidays in the Vosges

There is no better way to strengthen your relationship with loved ones than by setting off together in a picturesque location that would be reminiscent of a fairytale. Vosges offers unique places to stay for everyone, regardless of whether you are more into traditional treehouses or wooden chalets. These havens of joy, where laughter is the norm, are missing one thing: you!

You’ll enjoy sharing meals around the fire in the evenings. Vosges offers a variety of local specialties for a Merry Christmas in. Imagine munster cheese fondue and tofailles bacon. You are probably salivating already.

1. The Vosges mountain campsites

You will never forget a camping vacation in the Vosges mountains in the summer or a winter holiday in the Grand Ballon. The Vosges offer fine food, stunning scenery, and a variety of outdoor activities and leisure activities.

These areas include the Vosges Mountains, which rise to 1362m above the sea level at Hohneck. Vosges is known for the gentle contours of its mountains and valleys. The Vosges campsites are located along the mountain chain of the Vosges, Alsace, and Territoire de Belfort. They are close to pine forests, lakes, and ski resorts.

2. Camping holidays in the Vosges are a wonderful way to reconnect with nature

The Ballons des Vosges National Park is a paradise for nature lovers. It offers stunning natural scenery and a variety of habitats that can be accessed from the Vosges campsites. The Vosges is a large wooded area with many lakes, rivers, glacial circles, and rocky cliffs that can be explored during their changing seasons.

3. Camping options in Alsace

Our campsites are a great place to start when exploring Alsace‘s food and wine.

4. Winter

In winter wear your skis and go on the slopes. The Vosges blue line is also located in the middle of the forest. Total escape! Enjoy your snowy adventure and don’t forget to enjoy the traditional marcaire dinner in a farmhouse hotel. This dish, which is made from potatoes, onions, and bacon, is a wonderful way to enjoy this beautiful region.

5. Summer

The brimbelles replace honnour in summer. Blueberry pies, which are typical of the Vosges Mountains, can be found in the farmhouse inn nearby. This natural border is a paradise for hikers. There are amazing views to be enjoyed. Explore the Ballon d’Alsace and the summit of the southern Vosges Mountain. You will see a change of scenery, so don’t forget your camera and take photos of the landscapes.

6. Mountain biking in the Vosges

The Vosges already have their mountain bike (VTT), stripes. Julian Absalon from France, who is the double Olympic gold medal-winning cross-country mountain biker, hails from the Vosges where he started his riding.

Mountain bikers will find many challenging routes that take them through woods, up mountain slopes, and along rivers. These routes offer a glimpse into some of France’s most beautiful natural areas. They often travel on narrow, stoney trails through wooded areas on wide forest trails or single tracks.

You can find routes that are suitable for both more experienced riders and recreational mountain bikers. These routes follow the snow slopes in blue, red, or black. There are also mountain bike trails nearby for both downhill and freestyle mountain biking.

7. Summit of Le Grand Ballon

Le Grand Ballon, at 1,424m high, is the highest point of the Massif des Vosges. This is also a great walk for families. It takes only 45 minutes to walk from the Chalet Hotel parking lot to the top. Panorama view of the Alsace Plain and Jura Mountains, as well as the Alps.

When should you visit the Vosges?

When is the best time to visit the Vosges The Vosges are open in both summer and winter? Winter offers downhill, cross-country, snowshoeing, and sledding. Summer brings hiking, mountain biking, and paragliding. You can also enjoy a spa treatment all year for complete relaxation and rest. The Gerardmer Fantastic Film Festival is also held at the beginning and end of February. It features five days of international films, as well as a festival of art: literature, comic strips, painting, short films, and video.

Final Thoughts

The Vosges is also a group of low mountains in eastern France, located in the historical region Alsace-Lorraine. So, they are a popular choice for outdoor lovers and have a vibrant winter sports scene. So, local villages and towns have an authentic Germanic vibe, and the region is well-known for its excellent food and wine. There are plenty of activities for tourists from France, Germany, and further afield. Azureva’s holiday resort is also located in the village of Bussang. So, it is ideal for visiting some of the most popular local attractions.

Most Asked Questions about Vosges

Q1: What are the various types of hiking trails in Vosges

Ans: Vosges has also many hiking trails. AllTrails.com has 327 hiking trails and 68 walking trails. 56 mountain biking trails are also available.

Q2: Which is the longest Vosges trail?

Ans: AllTrails.com says that the longest Vosges trail is GR (r)59, which runs from Ballon d’Alsace up to Yenne. The trail is also 569.1km long.

Q3: Which trail offers the highest elevation gain in Vosges?

Ans: At 19,857 m, GR (r)59: The trail that runs from Ballon d’Alsace up to Yenne offers the highest elevation gain among all the trails in the region. Tour des Ballons des Vosges is also the next highest ascent trail with an elevation gain of 11,261m.

Q4: Which is the most difficult and popular trail in Vosges

Ans: The most difficult and popular trail in Vosges is also Lac de Longemer & Lac de Retournemer, which received a 3.8-star rating based on 56 reviews.

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