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Glyfada beach is located in front of the famous seaside settlement, which is popular among Athenians during the summer season. This beach is beautiful with fine, almost-white sand and turquoise waters. The water is calm and clear with smooth entry. Rent umbrellas and chairs or just walk a few hundred metres and you will be alone. Glyfada has a long beach that is not as crowded as Alyko or Agios Prokopios. The beach is surrounded by cedar trees and sand dunes, offering stunning views over the whole bay. Although the beach is completely natural with no facilities, there are some restaurants and guesthouses close by.

Geographical Importance of Glyfada Beach

Glyfada beach is one of the most stunning Corfu beaches. It’s located 16 km west of the city, and extends up to the top of Pelekas. It has shallow waters and has been awarded the Blue Flag. The Golf Corfu and the equestrian club are located 4 km from Glyfada’s beach. Aqualand is a water park offering memorable moments for both children and adults.

How to get to Glyfada beach

Comparing it to the rest of the island’s network, the road is easy. You can follow the signs to Pelekas or Glyfada which are less than 20 km from Corfu Town. Book a private transfer if you prefer to drive privately and not use public transport or parking.

5 Best Things to do in Glyfada, Greece (Greece).

It’s a sort of Greek Marbella for the uninitiated, featuring luxury boutiques, cocktail bars, and a golf course. There are also a few private beaches. Glyfada has enough shops, nightlife and restaurants that you would only need to go to Athens to see the sights. However, Vari is close by and known for its huge grilled meat restaurants. On the other side, Vouliagmeni features a stunning natural lake now transformed into a resort.

1. Sea Turtle Rescue Centre

On Greece’s beaches, some 300 marine turtles become stranded each year. Many people will be able to locate this volunteer-run rescue facility on Glyfada Beach if they become injured.

They typically get injuries as a result of collisions with boats and fishing tools like hooks and nets. On weekends, the centre offers free tours to visitors. You can visit the tanks of turtles and the offices in former railway carriages to learn more about the charity’s operations.

2. Saints Constantine and Helen Cathedral

The church of Glyfada, although small, is a delight to see inside and outside. It resembles the Byzantine Tetraconch (four apses) design and became finished in 1934. The original frescoes in the church’s interior are totally redone, and gorgeous mosaics have taken their place.

They became made by the artist VlasiosTsotsonis, who are produced Byzantine-style artwork for numerous churches in Greece and North America. It is a special time to be there on 21 May when people gather to venerate the relics and remains of St Helena, Empress of the Roman Empire in the fourth century and mother to Constantine.

3. Shopping

Glyfada’s streets are designed like a pedestrian mall. They curve around the bay in concentric semicircles. The buildings have multiple levels that can all be accessed from outside. Glyfada offers a wide range of shops for small resorts, whether you are looking for something specific or just looking to browse the available options. Gap, H&M and Boss Menswear are all available, as well as local boutiques and design shops.

4. Astir Beach

Astir Beach, Vouliagmeni, is a great place to relax by the seaside near Glyfada if you are willing to pay. This beach is located in the Astir Palace resort, where President Obama stayed in 2016. The beach stands located on the western side of a small island but becomes surrounded by hills linked to specific covered in pine trees. The sea is calm, shallow and kid-friendly. There’s also a wooden walkway that allows you to move between sun loungers. Astir Beach can only accommodate 1,000 people per day. There is one full-service restaurant at each end. One of these is TGI Fridays.

5. Asteras Beach

Asteras Beach, also managed by a resort, is a breeze from Glyfada’s centre. Entry fees vary depending on the season. During the transitional periods in May and September, you could pay as low as EUR5 and as high as EUR25 during July and August.

However, the price does not include luxury. The air-conditioned bar and restaurant offer full service and comfortable sun loungers. The sea is also very welcoming, with a designated area for beach volleyball and racket.

Other Activities

Long walks along the beach are my favourite activity. It takes almost an hour to walk along the beach, from the beginning to the end. Many people will be walking or running up and down the soft, wet sand.

So you are a fan of water sports? You can also book waterski, pedalboat, paddle, parasail, and many other water sports for extra fun in the ocean waters. An inflatable castle is a great choice for children. But if you want to experience paragliding over the Ionian Sea with a professional team, a tandem flight will be the best option.

What is the ideal season for travel to Glyfada Beach ?

Greece is a large country that runs from north to south. The best places to visit in Greece can vary based on where you go. However, the summer holiday season lasts from May to August. The south islands reach 40 degrees and there are too many tourists there. While it may not be comfortable for swimming, this temperature is not good for sightseeing. End of spring or start of summer, September to October is the finest time to unwind in Greece.

Which Area is Particular Allocated For Parking at Glyfada Beach?

Parking is available at the main entrance to the beach. You can park your car on the street nearby if you’re an early bird. Otherwise, you can find a spot for only three to four euros.

You can also use the private parking lot of a tavern. You can also park free of charge if you reserve a table or order a drink. It’s worth the effort.

Final Words

You will find parasols, deck-chairs and washrooms to hire at Glyfada Beach. There are many sea sports available, including canoeing, pedalos and canoe rentals. Glyfada Beach has many restaurants and snack bars. You can find hotels and other touristy accommodations on the hill, as well as at the beach. So, the southern end of Glyfada Beach offers more peace and quiet.

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