Marathias Beach


Marathias Beach, another sandy Corfiot beach with shallow water, is also available. The beach can stretch for over a mile, and it connects to other beaches by the sand dunes at its far end. You won’t find a bus to take you there, and a taxi will be quite expensive. A car rental is recommended. Parasols and sunbeds can be found at the beach’s center. So make sure to wear flip-flops or sandals. Marathias is an exceptional choice for Corfu holiday. Local restaurants and Tavernas offer Greek and Italian cuisines. The area also has a watersports facility and a beach bar that have become a hotspot with regular concerts. Marathias is a small area with few trees, a few olives and Cypresses. The vegetation is mostly bushes or grass.

Geographical importance of Marathias Beach

Marathias beach can be found on the east coast of the Keri peninsular, south of Zakynthos island. The beach measures only 15m in width. It does extend for approximately 175m from one end to the other. Sometimes there are a few sunbeds, but they don’t always exist. There won’t be a taverna at the beach so make sure to bring water and snacks. Pebble-soled beach shoes are recommended. The water is shallow and may not be suitable for children due to the limited space and lack of amenities. It is a place where you can explore and enjoy the Ionian Sea’s exotic beauty, rather than entertain your children. It can also be difficult to find the beach because there is very little parking and no signs to help you get to it.

What makes Marathias Beach unique?

It’s located at the southwest coast of the island and is approximately 32 km from Corfu. Marathias, which is a sanctuary from the stresses of daily life, is the ideal place to relax. You will find a large sandy beach with clear waters that have been awarded the Blue Flag status by the European Union. You will find umbrellas and deck chairs at Marathia beach. However, those looking for more privacy and tranquility can go to a quieter area of the beach.

Take pictures of the beautiful sunset and then climb 100m to reach an accommodation and a family Tavern with some of the finest food in South Corfu.

Most Popular Marathias Beach in the World

Marathias, one of the most popular beaches on the island, is known for its peaceful atmosphere. This stunning destination boasts a beautiful beach, clear water, and spectacular views. Marathias is like a postcard with its idyllic views and soft sandy beaches featuring golden and brown sand. There are also a number of traditional Greek restaurants on the waterfront, as well as cafes and bars.

Parasailing, windsurfing and scuba diving are just a few of the watersports options available. There are many activities on the beach, including snorkeling, paddling, kayaking and paddle boarding. Marathias is great for swimming, sunbathing or just taking a stroll along the beach. Some of its remoter parts are still quiet and romantic. This is due to its vastness.

The waters are clear because of the open ocean and the sand is very fine. It is great for families with kids. Marathias Beach Corfu, with its breathtaking natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere, is truly paradise waiting for you to discover.

What can you do in Marathias?

You can also take a short excursion from Marathias Beach by taking a taxi boat to reach Marathonissi. This is the amazing wonder right in front of your eyes.

Activities at Marathias beach

Beautiful landscapes, beautiful beaches, and natural beauty are just a few of the many things that make this area so special. But, it is also a beautiful beach that few tourists know about, and even fewer people have been there.

The area is a great place to go for a relaxing, peaceful and financially rewarding vacation.

Blue Flag Beach is well-organized with umbrellas. There are also water sports. You will find wonderful traditional tavernas on the beach serving authentic Greek and Corfiot food. You can also find coffee shops and bars on the beach. Armeno Resort is a great option for Corfu Island visitors who want to spend their holiday on the beach. Only resort on Marathias beach with the best summer vacation experience.

1: Family Studios

Family Studios are just 100m from Marathia, a stunning beach in southwest Corfu. It is centrally located and offers stunning views of the Ionian Sea.

2: Perfect Ten Taverna

The family that runs the tavern prepares Corfiot dishes using traditional ingredients, such as pure virgin olive oil from their olive trees, organic potatoes and garden vegetables. This will add flavor and quality to your meal.

What can I find on Marathias beach?

This beach is a hidden gem. Despite its wild and barren nature, it attracts few tourists each year. However, its beauty will leave you speechless. Marathias is not home to any bars or taverns. The bay is natural and unspoiled. If you want to sunbathe, there are sunbeds and umbrellas that you can rent nearby. Snorkelers can also dive into the crystal clear waters to see the marine faunas and flora. You can go to either of the restaurants located near Marathias if you feel hungry.

How can I get to the beaches?

You will need to travel from Limini Keri to Marathias Beach. The road goes up on the right and surrounds the promontory at Capo Marathia. There is a stunning view all around, with pine trees, olive trees and the song of cicadas. Every two seconds, you’ll want to get out to admire the beauty in front of you and perhaps take some unforgettable photos.

It will be difficult to descend towards Marathias bay once you have parked the car. You must cross a hill. It is a little bit more difficult, but not impossible.

Final Thoughts

Marathias Beach offers a great vacation spot for those who want to escape the crowds and still be close with others. You are certain to find the right thing with its clear waters, beautiful sunsets, endless exploration opportunities, and many other perks. This beach is a popular choice because of its beautiful views. You should also bring your camera so that you can capture stunning photos of Marathias for many years. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a relaxing vacation.


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