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This Saturday, the Parc Spirou will be open in Monteux (Vaucluse) at 10 a.m. Spirou and the gang are available for you to meet. Access map, prices, attractions, timetables. We also provide all the information you need to plan your trip.

This Saturday, June 16, the Spirou Provence Park officially opened its doors to the public. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore 12 attractions with the Spirou gang or the Dupuis comic strips. You can choose to go alone, as a couple or with your friends. We provide all the information you need to plan your trip.

Top 5 Best Attractions at Parc Spirou

1. Zombillenium Tower

This top is very strong and has a 90 metre free fall tower! It is impossible to miss, visible from miles around, so face your fear of heights. It offers a panoramic 360-degree view that you won’t be able to miss before your big jump.

2. Lucky River

This is one of the new 2019 attractions at the park! This course is an aquatic one where you’ll be rejuvenated (we were able to take up to four adults on it and the boat was full of water). You will be able to board one of the logs that make up the circuit. It features a backward descent and a vertical lift that will take you to the top.

3. Splash Piranha

You can refresh your mind in the vast universe of Marsupilamis with Splash Piranha! Relax on a lily pad, and spray as many people as you can with a horrible water cannon. There is danger everywhere in the Palombian forest. It is a Water Jumble attraction that was developed by the Swiss company RE.

4. Gaffe Gaston

You can also enter the world of Gaston and experience a dynamic digital experience with a creative film. Get your 3D glasses on and be taken along on a wild adventure that incorporates special effects of every kind!

5. The Nest of the Marsipulamis

It was opened in 2019 and is the second of its kind in the world. You will be able to swing forwards and backwards with your feet in the void. For the cold sensations and back pain, it can also be quite violent.

Family day at Parc Spirou in Monteux

For a day, Marsupilami and Spirou will be accompanied by Fantasio, Fantasio, and their friends at the Montreux theme park. So, it is devoted entirely to the world of Dupuis comics. So, there are roller coasters for all ages and rides for all ages.

Parc Spirou Provence Tickets

Online bookings are possible for Parc Spirou Provence tickets. See customer reviews, view opening times, and get directions to Parc Spirou-Provence.

Parc Spirou Provence – Fun Park

Monteux is a wonderful place to spend a day filled with fun surprises. Enjoy unforgettable days at Parc Spirou, featuring its many attractions as well as beloved mascots.

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Parc Spirou Provence (Monteux) | Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Tourism

Monteux is a wonderful place to spend a day filled with fun surprises. Enjoy unforgettable days at Parc Spirou, featuring its many attractions as well as beloved mascots.

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Parc Spirou Provence, an amusement park and theme park located in the south of France, offers services and recreational facilities. This Parc Spirou Entrance Ticket will also allow you to have a great day in Provence. So, enjoy the thrill of its thrilling roller coasters and children’s rides. Spend a day at Spirou, the theme park, while you are in Avignon. A unique and enjoyable place for both young and old.

Parc Spirou Provence

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Marsupilami and Fantasio, his friends

Six family attractions are also available at the park: Houbi, Houba and Marsu Palombia are drop towers. So, Marsu Palombia invites visitors to climb on a giant flower that can be controlled to gently go up and back. Fantasio also has three other attractions: Fantasio rodeo invites you to dance on nacelles nine metres high, Aero Champignac allows you to ride in a motorised horse, and Spip Jumper lets you ride on mechanical horses.

What can you eat on-site?

Le Moustic serves breakfast and lunch in a 1930s-style fast-food environment. Le Group serves complete meals, grilled meats, fish, side dishes and desserts in a 1950s-themed cafeteria. Do you prefer tex-mex or Italian cuisine? Lucky Pizza has pizzas and fajitas also available at reasonable prices. You can also order a snack, drink, or sandwich from the food trucks located at various locations in the park.

How do you get there?

The park is located in Beaulieu, Monteaux’s eco-district (84), in the Provence Alpes-Côte d’Azur area, between Avignon et Carpentras. It is less than 10km from the Motorway of the Sun. Take the A7 motorway to Lyon and exit at ng22. Then, take the direction of Carpentras. Marseille-Aix: Take the A7 motorway exit ng23 and follow Carpentras’ direction.

Parc Spirou has many attractions that you will love, and this is just the beginning. Because these attractions are must-sees in the park. You just need to book your tickets so you can visit the park.


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