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Tsambika beach can be found 26 km from Rhodes Town, near Panagia Tsambika. The sandy beach of Tsambika is located on the island’s northeastern coast about 25 kilometres south of Rhodes capital. Its fine, golden sand is what makes it stand out. Its crystal clear water are two of its greatest assets.


Tsambika mountain is located between Kolymbia – villages, and Archangelos. The southern tip of the mountain is Tsambika-beach. A place is located on the top of the mountain where once stood a monastery. The monastery is no longer at the top of the mountain, but it is still nearby. The monastery legend and the stunning views from the top of the mountain make it a great place to climb. So, it is a great choice for families with small children, as it doesn’t go deep very quickly.


Tsambika is the most beautiful beach in Rhodes. The turquoise waters are shallow and clear.

Tsambika Beach – Didim Sea Lines

It is a stunning combination of turquoise water and golden sand. It’s also a great spot for sunbathing and relaxing.

Transfer Ticket to Tsambika Beach | entertainment

Tsambika, a long stretch of golden sand washed in the Med and hemmed by headlands, is one of Rhodes’ most beautiful beaches. There is no better place to spend the afternoon than Tsambika. It is ideal for families to swim, paddle and have fun in the shallow and calm water.

Tsambika Beach to Rhodes – Three ways to get there by bus, taxi and car

The cheapest option to travel from Rhodes to Tsambika costs $3. The fastest route takes only 29 minutes. Choose the best travel option for you.

Tsambika Beach, Rhodes: Hours of Operation, Activities, Visitors Reviews, – Safarway2023

It is long and wide with beautiful golden sands. There are many restaurants along the beach, as well as several sports and entertainment centres.

Tsambika Beach by Bus

Tsambika Beach by bus: Experience a little bit of paradise at one of the most beautiful beaches on the East Coast Rhodes. However, a long stretch of golden sand surrounded by shallow, clear waters creates the ideal atmosphere for peace and tranquillity.

Tsambika Beach | Video | Photos | 2018 Travel Guide

Explore Rhodes Tsambika beach. See video, photos and the complete travel guide. Accommodation in Rhodes.


Historical data and sea water temperature forecast for Tsambika Beach. Today’s sea surface temperature report. Forecast for surf and sea surface temperature in the average month

Horse Riding Tour in Rhodes Greece around Tsambika Beach

The huge beach in Tsambika is one of the most beautiful and famous spots on the island. There is no better way to see it than by riding a horse. Even if you’re not an experienced rider, horseback riding is possible for all ages. Safety and security are both considered.

Celebrity Cruises

The beaches of Rhodes range from isolated coves and isolated stretches of sand to action-packed, family friendly resorts on the beach.

Tsambika Beach Rhodes

Many legends are associated with Tsambika monastery. Scenic Road Hunters set out to experience what it was like to climb 300 steps, and marvel at the stunning view.

Rhode Island’s Tsambika Beach

This beautiful beach, located on Rhodes’ eastern coast, is a dream spot. This beach is renowned for its golden sand and turquoise waters. There are also many options for water sports, dining at one of the many shacks along the coast, or just relaxing on a sunbed to enjoy the day.

Tsambika Beach

Beautiful sandy beach with shallow, clear water. You will also find a naturist beach at the south end.

Best Activities at Tsambika Beach

Tsambika is a great place to spend your time due to the many activities available. You can also relax on the beach on one of the many parasols for sun loungers, and there are plenty of facilities that allow you to stay for the entire day.

Parasailing, canoeing and waterskiing are all options for those who want more action. There is also a floating obstacle for children to enjoy. However, there are many bars and parties along the beach that keep the action going after the sun sets.

A hike to the Tsambika Monastery nearby is a fascinating way to learn about the area’s history and enjoy a breathtaking view of the beach from its rugged cliffs. The Virgin of Tsambika is also the symbol of this monastery, which dates back to Byzantine times. Here, women would gather to pray for fertility.

This beach is also a paradise with its many activities and stunning scenery. Because it promises a memorable vacation.

Is a visit to this place worthwhile?

The views from the top were amazing. It was very hot up there so I didn’t stay too long. It was worth the climb, which involved 300 steps of almost boiling heat. Make sure you have enough water. According to what I heard, there would have been a spot at the top where you could fill up your water bottle. It was only when I was editing the photos that I realised this, and not while I was actually there. There must be better ways to help you conceive. Believing in something can have special powers. It doesn’t hurt to go to Rhodes just to see it. It’s also a free attraction, if you don’t mind paying for anything else. I tried to find someone barefoot, but couldn’t find any.

Why visit Tsambika Beach?

The golden sand runs approximately 800m along the coast, meeting the calm, shallow blue sea. However, it is a great place for children and adults to enjoy a dip. The water is refreshingly cool and warm enough to avoid the scorching sun.

Although Tsambika is well-known, there are still plenty of places to relax and enjoy the ocean. There are also many activities available in the vicinity, including a lively seaside town.


Tsambika beach is one the most beautiful beaches on the island. Imagine a long beach with golden sand and smooth sand. There are also many great places to eat or drink around, each decorated with colourful flags. You can also rent jet skis at the beach sports centre. A mini-market is located next to the bus stop. There aren’t any hotels at the beach. There is also a wonderful national park nearby. People who stay in the area love this place. However, the water is stunningly green. Just above the beach is a large rock with the Monastery of the Virgin of Tsambika or Tsampika standing high above it all. This church is also where you should go if your goal is to conceive.

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