Prasonisi Beach


Prasonisi beach is the most popular. Prasonisi is ideal for Holiday Retreat Travel Tours and Water Sport. It is a great destination because of its clean sand and spectacular views of sunrise and sunset. Prasonisi is number one because of its stunning shoreline. It’s surrounded by warm sun and clear waters that are ideal for snorkeling. According to Tourist Reviews, it’s the most photographed beach in the country. Prasonisi water sport is well-known. Prasonisi, also Prasonisi, cape is part of Rhodes. It is located at the southern-west corner of Rhodes. Prasonisi are ideal for children because of their soft sand and shallow water, particularly on the eastern side. A few surf schools and also centers are located at the beach. Even if you don’t surf, it is worth visiting to take in the stunning scenery and marvel at the skill displayed by the surfers.

Top Order has this amazing view of Prasonisi’s shorelines. The flawless sand extends further until the skyline. It is a striking feature in the middle of the shores. A group of tourists visiting Prasonisi has shown that it is the most beautiful shoreline in Greece.

Geographical importance of Prasonisi Beach

It is located just 0.2 kilometers from the center of Macheria. It is situated in a beautiful natural area with breathtaking views. You don’t need to wear special shoes because it is straight along the coast with sand and blue water. It is normal to feel the water’s sharpness when you enter it. The beach is ideal for many people: seniors, partygoers, retirees, lonely travelers, and relaxation lovers.

Prasonisi beach coast is open to all. The beach offers the following amenities: loungers and umbrellas; beach restaurant; toilets. You can also take part in water sports such as jet skis or catamarans. A lifeguard watches over the beach during the season.

There are very few stones. The area of sand in front of the dunes is large and flat. Prasionisi beach is a popular spot for tourists and locals to relax and also enjoy the sun. A swimming area is located on the left side of the beach. Two coves are located here, which provide an excellent escape from the wind and offer pleasant conditions for relaxing and bathing.

Prasonisi Beach Facilities

Prasonisi Beach is known for its beautiful shorelines all over the globe. It has a beautiful stretch of shoreline, and the majority of them are quiet and perfect. Prasonisi is serene, has a high gauge, and boasts some of the most beautiful shorelines anywhere on the planet. Tourism In Charge keeps their beaches clean and free of waste.

1: Child Friendly

Prasonisi beaches are ideal for children because of their soft sand and shallow water, particularly on the eastern side.

2: Watersport

Prasonisi is known as a paradise for kitesurfers and windsurfers. A few surf schools and centers are available at the beach.

3: Prasonisi Resort

Prasonisi is not a resort town. There are only a handful of restaurants, hotels, and small shops. There are a few hotels, but the most well-known is the Oasis hotel Prasonisi. Prasino nisi is a Greek word that means “green island”. Prasonisi, especially in spring, is a green oasis. Walking around the island, regardless of season, is an amazing natural experience.

4: Nightlife

Prasonisi is not known for its nightlife or party scene. Prasonisi has two taverns. Kattavia is 9 kilometers away and has several restaurants. Gennadi (28km) and Lindos (50km) are the best places to find a nightlife that includes bars and discos. Prasonisi’s younger surf community meets every night at the supermarket. Beach parties with music and bonfires can also be started immediately if the wind is not strong enough.

Top Places To Visit Near Prasonisi Beach

Prasonisi is a small paradise at the south tip of Rhodes. Prasonisi is a paradise of beauty. You don’t have to travel far to experience a peaceful and tranquil stay with the idyllic setting on this small piece of land. There are many things to do in and around Prasonisi beach for travelers.

The southern region of Rhodes is rich in tradition and culture, with many historical sites to discover. These are the top places to see while on vacation in Prasonisi.

1. Kattavia Village

Kattavia, a quiet village in the countryside, is reminiscent of traditional Greece and the simplicity of life. Although the village is quite basic in terms of its accommodation, there are a few restaurants and cafes around. One of the most popular attractions in Kattavia and Prasonisi is Monolithos Castle. Built on top of a 100-meter high rock, the medieval castle was constructed by the Knights of Saint John in 1480s to defend the island against attacks.

2. Vroulia

The old town of Vroulia is located at the edge of Prasonisi. This village was the first to have a harmonized urban design in Greece. The construction dates back to between 650 and 550 BC according to archaeology. It is believed that also the town structure was built to provide military tactical advantages.

Vroulia adds a dose of history to Prasonisi’s beautiful sands. It is a beautiful sight to see the ruins. Vroulia is a well-known tourist spot thanks to its free passes and the fact that it’s only a short drive from Prasonisi.

3. Acropolis of Lindos

This is the best place to learn about Greek history and culture. The Acropolis and Lindos village will transport you back in time to ancient Greece. The road takes you up to the rocks at 116 meters high, where you can also see the amazing Acropolis.

At the beach in Prasonisi, which two seas merge?

Prasonisi Beach is where the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas meet. You can then swim in the Mediterranean Sea and jump in the Aegean Sea within seconds. Isn’t that amazing? What then is Prasonisi? When the tide is low, the sandy spit of Prasonisi is exposed, making it a peninsula that is connected to Rhodes. This is the Prasonisi, which is a paradise for surfers. The sea swallows Prasonisi when the water level rises in winter, making it an island once again. This is one of the most fascinating facts about Rhodes. During spring and early summer, it turns into an oasis full of greenery.

Final Words

Surfers worldwide love Prasonisi beach for its exceptional geographical location that allows it to sail in totally different conditions in different seas. The strong, stable Meltemi winds make it attractive for kiteboarding and windsurfing . Wind direction is mostly onshore on the Aegean side, and offshore on the Mediterranean’s one.

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