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Rovinia beach is located on the west coast of Corfu, at Paleokastritsa bay. It is close to Liapades. It is both private and enclosed. The beach has coarse sand at its rear and smooth shingle towards its lapping waves. Neither of these are very painful to walk on in your bare feet. The almost white pebbles are a striking contrast to the blues of its sea and the dark greens of its wooded slopes. These slopes offer some shade from the sun before it gets too hot. It is relatively deep but it’s also very short, so it’s not too crowded. The high season is when boats arrive with drinks and icecreams, which makes it the busiest time. It is accessible from Gefyra, a nearby beach. Be aware that the water at Rovinia may be cooler than other beaches on the island due to the strong currents.

Geographical importance of Rovinia Beach

Rovinia Beach may be the most picturesque and idyllic beach in Corfu. Deep blue waters, white pebbles, and a small bay that stretches to the sea are some of its highlights. Rovinia can be found at about 400m from Liapades village. It is easily accessible by car via a dirt road, and then walking through dense olive groves. You can also rent a boat from nearby beaches like Liapades beach and Alypa Beach in Paleokastritsa.

Rovinia offers the ideal combination of solitude and relaxation. There is no infrastructure for tourism on the beach so you will need to prepare everything beforehand. There is one locker at the beach. A small boat with refreshments and ice creams is available to the beach every day during summer. Remember that the waters of Rovinia can get very cold and quickly deepen so be careful if you have kids. You will find many caves next to Rovinia. If you’ve rented a boat, it would be an excellent opportunity to visit them all and then take a swim in their clear waters.

Secret Paradise of the Island of Corfu is Rovinia beach

Rovinia beach is one the most beautiful beaches on Corfu. It boasts clear waters, and a coastline covered in soft pebbles.

Location of Rovinia beach

Rovinia can be found in northern Corfu, at the Liapades settlement. The shore is the shape of a small horseshoe and has a large cave to its left. Rovinia is surrounded by rich vegetation. The view from the sea leads to the green hills at Palaiokastritsa.

Crystal Clear Waters

As they are always in the Paleokastritsa area, the waters of Rovinia’s crystal-clear waters are quite cold. The water is shallow and rapidly deepens so be aware of young children. There are no waves at the beach.

A beach worth to visit

Although we have not been to it yet, we get the impression from the photos that we have. Or, more precisely, we were on a similar beach many years back, although we don’t remember exactly where.

It’s the famous Deja vu. This beach is remarkably the same as one that we visited in Lesvos and Lemnos, in the Aegean Sea. However, we don’t remember the name or whereabouts. There are so many places in Greece that look similar to each other. We hope to be in Rovinia soon, but in the meantime, we want to convince you that it is worth your time.

Sea temperature right now at Rovinia Beach

The current water temperature at Rovinia is 15.9degC. According to our historical data, the warmest water was in 2016 at 15.7degC. The coldest was in 2010, at 14.3degC. In the next 10 days, At Rovinia, the ocean will cool to 15.1 degrees Celsius. The minimum and highest temperatures are 13.8 and 16.2 degrees, respectively.

Rovinia Beach’s swimming season runs from May through November. The water temperature at Rovinia is always above 20 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for swimming. In winter, Rovinia Beach’s average water temperature is 16.1°C. In spring, it is 16.8°C. Summer temperatures rise to 24.2°C and autumn temperatures reach 22.5degC.

Today’s Surf Forecast at Rovinia Beach

The presence and heights of waves and the direction and speed of the wind are important indicators of a pleasant holiday at the beach. Below are details about the swell size at Rovinia. The swell size is calculated based on the average wave height (trough-crest) for each of the three highest waves. For information about surf forecasts for the next ten days, visit the sea state forecast Rovinia.

Monthly sea temperature at Rovinia Beach

The graph below shows the average temperature change over the past year. The data for the last 10 years is used to calculate the values. You can view the temperature of Rovinia water on any day during this period by using them. You can also view the temperature curve for the month and choose 2 years you wish to compare.

How to reach Rovinia Beach?

You can reach it by either a stone steps path that is hidden in a lovely shady forest or by renting a boat from nearby beaches. The downhill climb takes about 4-5 minutes. However, the path is accessible by car after crossing a 300-meter long dirt road. It is better to leave your vehicle at the beginning of this dirt road. As we mentioned, the beach can be reached by sea taxi. However, if you are planning to travel there by foot or car, you will need some help. It is important to first locate Athena’s supermarket on the road to Liapades Beach. You are on the right track if you reach a small crossroad after 40 meters.

You will also need to turn right at the next intersection. Just after you turn, you will see a sign that points to Rovinia. This road is very narrow and requires extra care. You will also find a small parking lot about 300m from the beach. Here you can park your car and walk down to the beach. We are at Rovinia.


Are you an adventurer who enjoys challenges in nature? You’ve found the right excursion for you if so. This tour will take your 4X4 off the beaten path and through beautiful villages to Romania’s wild beach with its cave. Which attracts many people who wish to take in the stunning views of this beautiful area. However, the cave-shaped rocks at the sides provide some shade.

The closest accommodation is located in Liapades, which is just a few meters from the beach. Rovinia has stunning views of the ocean and is home to a beautiful rocky landscape. This green paradise is sure to please nature lovers.

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