Ribersborgsstranden is a Malmö neighborhood in the district of Innerstaden, Malmö Municipality, Skne County, Sweden. In the summer the beach is packed with Malmo residents and tourists enjoying the sunshine and swimming. The beach in the evenings transforms its appearance and barbecues mix with flaneurs and salsa parties. It is also important to note that is located within walking distance from the city doesn’t hinder the experience. On the beach, there are plenty of activities for all ages such as tennis courts, an outdoor gym as well as a swimming pool accessible to all, a designated area for swimming naked with several places to eat, an open-air marina, and an extensive, well-visited dog-friendly area. Ribersborg’s cold and chilly bathhouse is one of the icons of the city as well as the beach – is open for anyone wanting to soak and relax in the colder months throughout the entire year.

Historical Background of Ribersborgsstranden

The shoreline at Ribersborg was initially rough and shallow and had occasional nauseating smells of seaweed that were rotting. The railway line between Malmo and Limhamn lays out a little in the lower water and within it, the puddles of stagnant water create, the smell of which swept across the western regions of Malmo.

To address this, the city gardening expert Wolf sketched a promenade concept around 1890. As part of the construction of Castle Park, Castle Park, Edward Glaesel came up with a more refined plan in 1899. The project didn’t get finished until 1924, though. For example, the current Oresund Park wasn’t completed until 1924. Erstad-Jorgenssen, a Glaesel student, later designed the park. At that point, the route that runs from Malmo centre to the coast until Sibbarp Badpark had become formed. The park was redesigned after the war to become a continuous landscape under the supervision of the city’s Gardener Ake Steen.

Geographical importance of Ribersborgsstranden

A few kilometers further to the west, along the beach, is the pool that is disabled. The naked bath is located at Jetty 10, further down this beach to Limhamn. The Lagoon’s marina is next. Further to the west is the Hylliekroken’s Golf Center, with a nine-hole course, driving range, and miniature golf course.

Top 3 Hotels at Ribersborgsstranden

1. The Duxiana

What hotel is able to guarantee an improved night’s rest if it’s not the Duxiana is an extension of the Swedish luxury mattress and furniture manufacturer Dux? In the years since 1926, this family-owned business has strived to offer the most comfortable sleep experience. The Malmo hotel, developed by local company Rumrum, becomes furnished with pieces designed by Dux, including the Jetson chair, an iconic design by Bruno Mathsson from 1969. The Duxiana additionally features a basement restaurant that becomes particularly popular for lunch.

2. Story Hotel

While it was originally the result of a Stockholm Hotel concept very few hotels have the same Malmo-esque feel as Story Hotel which has a rough-luxe appearance. The concrete walls and sleek interiors focus on the massive windows that frame the view of the city’s distinctive skyline and the industrial harbor.

3. MJ’s

Young, hip, and entertaining The MJ’s Hotel is situated on an edgy pedestrian street that leads into Lilla Torg, the epicenter of Malmo’s nightlife. The extravagant, kitsch interior has been effective in concealing MJ’s past as Master Johan the hotel that badly needed an overhaul. We love the glass roof atrium, which is decorated with (faux) Ivy and blooms and the breakfast buffet as well as the dinner menus always delight our palates. Take an MJ’s room If you’re planning to have an exciting weekend.

Enjoy at Kallbadhuset and Ribersborgs Stranden

This is a great coastal walk. Ribersborgs Stranden is a three km long beach that is ideal for a dip in the summer months or a stroll in the winter. It is possible to lay on the sandy beach, visit the Kallbadhuset outdoor sauna, or just take in the views.

Get a view of the city at Malmo Live

Malmo Live is a multifaceted cultural complex that includes accommodations, concert halls, restaurants, and other services. Come here to take in the breathtaking views if the town is too much for you.

Explore St. Peter’s Church.

It is one of Malmo’s most important churches. It constructs in the Gothic style in 1319. It’s incredible to see this magnificent structure, which is the oldest in Malmo.

Modern Art Museum Museet

The museum is part of Stockholm’s National Modern Museet and features a variety of 20th-century art exhibits as well as an impressive contemporary collection. The museum is open for tours and guides. It’s a fantastic attraction for families with small children.

Discover the Mollevangstorget neighborhood

This is among the most beautiful communities in Malmo. It also knowns for its diversity and you can discover restaurants from all over the globe. In addition to establishments, there’s also an open market, shops selling international brands, and a daily vegetable market. If you visit the local bar and you’ll be welcome!

More things to know about Ribersborgsstranden

A lot of Malmo residents opt to cycle or walk to Ribersborgsstranden. And a kilometers-long cycling and walking route connect all areas of the recreational area. Additionally, there are buses that connect and plenty of parking spots. Within the cycle path, Ribersborgsstranden transforms into Oresund Park and Limhamnsfaltet, where you can refuge from the elements and sun, or even play different types of mini golf, football, or cricket. You can even play baseball. One suggestion is to mix your visit to Ribban by taking a stroll along the quay promenade at Vastra Hamnen or Malmohus Castle and its museums.

Remarkable aspects of Ribersborgsstranden

It is also impossible to overlook Ribersborg’s Kallbadhus an iconic and gorgeous structure. It is among the biggest and best-preserved cold bathhouses, with separate baths for both genders. If you’re not keen to get in it, you can relax in an afternoon sauna, enjoy an espresso or stroll across the jetty and out towards the bathhouse. To the southwest, you’ll come across Oresund’s Funkis-accessible bathing facility. Even closer is the naked bath. There are numerous piers along the route to help to solve the issue of being a bit shallow or bringing into seaweed. For families with children, it’s a great choice thanks to the shallow, secure beach, and closeness to any and all services.

Final Thoughts

Ribersborg is in reality an artificial beach with sand coming during the 1920s. This is however in keeping with the background, which is largely urban and also a bit industrial towards the south.

The summer holiday season is when Ribersborgsstranden is always bustling. It’s a fantastic beach for families with lots to do and plenty of activities to choose from. The summer programming includes regular shows, like circus-style shows, as well as activities such as floating obstacle courses. There are many food kiosks and plenty of grass in front for barbecues and picnics.

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