Scala dei Turchi is also famous for its name Turkish Steps. In the vicinity of Agrigento in Southern Sicily, there is a sloping staircase made of white rock that leads to the sea. It is surrounded by two beautiful beaches. The terraced cliff is one of Sicily’s most beautiful sights, and it, along with the Valley of the Temples, draws tourists to the island’s south. In the midst of more than a decade of living in Rome, I still feel as if I’m only even scratching the surface of the things I want to explore. The white smooth, rolling Scala dei Turchi is on high on my must-see list since the moment I have introduced to the rocky beach formation some years ago.

The opportunity to see the Scala dei Turchi was finally available while we were in Agrigento. After a morning trip in the Valley of the Temples, we set off toward Realmonte as well as Porto Empedocle to see the Sicilian seaside tourist attraction for ourselves.

What is La Scala dei Turchi (Turkish Steps)?

La Scala dei Turchi is a beautiful white rock formation on the south-facing coastline that is Sicily located in the Meditteranean. Also called”the Stair of the Turks or the Turkish Steps Scala dei Turchi is a white rock staircase with terraces that extends over the sea below.

Scala dei Turchi is a popular tourist destination. It is a place to see the terraced white stone steps that formed naturally on the slope. The steps are the second most visited tourist destination in Agrigento Agrigento, following its Valley of the Temples.

The cliffs become named after Saracen or Barbary pirates who anchored their ships in the bay. They also referred to the nature of the cliffs that look like an escalator. It was a perfect landing spot for invaders since the steps offered access to the cliffs.

The steps have been a favorite among tourists and locals alike. Those came to enjoy the sun as well as swim or leap off the steps into the ocean. Recently, a revised regulation went into effect, prohibiting tourists from ascending the steps as part of conservation efforts.

Historical Background

Scala dei Turchi’s distinctive appearance becomes due to its white limestone walls. A few of these have been moulded by weather and waves over the course of millions of years. The reason it dominates the view seems to be due to its erratic and undulating form in the white color of minerals.

Giuseppe, a fisherman and a native of the area, informed me. Scala dei Turchi became named after Saracen pirates, or “Turks,” who used to set up shop there in the 16th century to rob the villages.

It is currently impossible to reach the Scala of Turchi however its stunning beauty is awe-inspiring from a distance. Giuseppe warned me that this beach was in danger of eroding. It is critical to preserve its natural beauty and prevent it from becoming harmed by human activity. Many associations, as well as local residents such as Giuseppe, have slammed the gravity of the situation.

What to do to spend the entire day in the Scala of Turchi?

If you are planning a trip to Scala dei Turchi, Scala dei Turchi, you may decide to spend the whole day there or stop for a short visit to visit the Valley of the Temples.


You’ll have to get there at least an hour before time so you can avoid the crowds. When you’re on the way there are many little towns to visit the local “bar” for a classic breakfast consisting of a cappuccino with cornetto.

First Stop

Once you’ve parked, stroll to the top of a mixture of sidewalks and dirt walking trails to see the views from the top. There are a handful of important photography spots (like the one in the picture below).

Second Stop

After visiting the principal Scala tourist zone You’ll need to walk back to the signs that read “Scala dei Turchi.” You can choose any of these spots to get access to the beach. After you’ve completed all your visits off your plate now is the time to unwind!

Third Stop

There are many businesses on the beach that offer private beach areas that allow you to hire a lounger and umbrella (my personal favorite). This is a comfortable option if intending to stay for the whole day at the beach.

Fourth Stop:

There was a myriad of eateries we came across on our walk! There is no way to be in the wrong direction with Sicilian food at any time So, so just choose the one you think is the most interesting. The most popular beach lunch is a gelato paired with Brioche (gelato inside the brioche bun). I’ll be grateful for it later!

Tips for visiting Scala dei Turchi

Sharing pictures of this beautiful area via Instagram along with other forms of social media platforms has resulted in an exponential rise in the number of people visiting. When it was undiscovered by tourists ten years ago, it is truly flooded today. Therefore order to truly appreciate its setting and beauty. Everything is advised to avoid the busiest times, especially the middle of August. Additionally, since parking spots have become scarce. It is advised to arrive early in the day. The path that goes to the beaches is appropriate for everyone, including children. Nevertheless, care is required.

What is the best way to go Scala Dei Turchi?

Scala Dei Turchi Scala Dei Turchi is most accessible by car. The steps become located close to the town of Agrigento. Agrigento is located on Sicily’s south coast and lies between Porto Empedocle and Realmonte. While visiting Agrigento, and especially the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento the majority of tourists prefer to go to the Scala Dei Turchi. It’s a strenuous climb from the Scala Dei Turchi up to the shoreline. However, visitors need not be concerned as it’s not an arduous walk and they can are able to pick between stairs or a sloping road.

The best path is located directly next to the car park. This path passes two great pubs with stunning sea views. It also has stairs that take you to the beach for those who want to take a break for drinks. The Turkish stairs are just a few steps across the beach, to the right as people make their way toward the ocean. Near the end of the stairs, there is a small beach bar, a lido and bathrooms, and an emergency lifeguard station.

Summary of Scala Dei Turchi

If you’re contemplating your trip to Sicily you must visit Scala of Turchi a must. Since you are unable to climb the cliffs, it makes the experience less memorable. If Sicily isn’t in your travel plans I wouldn’t recommend going there just to visit Scala dei Turchi. Take advantage of other stunning destinations and reasons to go to Sicily. Consider making Scala dei Turchi one of your stops on your Sicily journey!

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