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The charming resort of Stegna Beach is located on the east coast, just 30 km from Rhodes, the capital of love. The original Greek piece of nature is charming – the gorgeous beach with pebbles and picturesque taverns on the coast, and the small harbor with its colorful boats. You will find the beach at the end of a country road where you can see sheep herds in almond groves, forests.This place will blow your mind, from the mountains to the beaches.

Relax on a sunbed and get that perfect tan. Your children will love the clean, blue water. One of the few remaining studios and apartments in the charming village of dry, or next to Archangel, is available for rent.Take a break from sunbathing by getting an iced cup of coffee at a beach bar. Kids will love the colorful scene of boats anchoring in the small harbor at the end. You can enjoy a delicious meal at one of the many coastal restaurants, which offer a variety of dishes including Greek cuisine, steaks, and roast fish. Two supermarkets are located at the tip of the beach for children who need to buy something.

Stegna Beach location & distances to the main resorts

The island’s Middle East coast is located 30 minutes from Rhodes’ center or the airport. It is 20 minutes from Lindos. The resort is nestled between mountains and a stunning stretch of beach at the end of the winding road that passes almond, lemon and sheep groves. Stegna is a Greek village with a relaxed pace and a very unspoiled atmosphere. Although the beach is mostly sandy, you will find pebbles and shingle at some spots. You can also enjoy water sports and there are many friendly restaurants and tavernas right by the beach.

STEGNA BAY can be found 1 km from Archangelos town. You can walk 50 meters from the beach. But, no matter how you spend your holiday, you will return home feeling relaxed and ready to go for your next Rhodes visit. In other words, “You come to our place as a guest and leave as a friend.” We are open April through November. Stegna bay is a great choice for families and couples. Baby beds are also available.

Stegna bay is for all those who want a relaxing, clean, friendly, and affordable stay at one of Rhodes’ most beautiful beaches.

Stegna Beach Facilities

The home beach of Archangelos is Stegna Beach, which is also the third-largest village in Rhodes. The pebble-and-sandy beach, which measures two kilometers in length, is located on the east coast. It is surrounded by beautiful hills. Stegna is a popular beach that is rarely crowded. It offers its guests privacy and plenty of space. The view from the beach is breathtaking. You will be taken down a serpentine path with stunning views to Stegna Beach. You can park at the side of the road to get to the beach once you reach sea level.

1: Family holidays in the Aegean Sea

Stegna Beach has one hotel that is larger than the others. The rest of the accommodation options are small guesthouses, apartments and hotels where you will be accommodated in a family-friendly atmosphere. Stegna Beach is an ideal holiday spot for families. The beach is spacious enough for children to run and play but the water drops more gently.

2: Former hippie beach

Stegna was once a weekend getaway for locals. Stegna Beach was popular back then when there wasn’t much to do. It was a popular destination for backpackers, hippies and climbers who loved the solitude, tranquility and idyll of the beach. Today, tourists can visit the bay. The promenade has many restaurants and mini-markets as well as showers and toilets. Stegna is a well-known island dish for its delicious fish dishes.

3: Archangelos Miniature horses

Children’s hearts beat quicker here. You can spend a day at Stegna Beach by visiting the Faethon miniature horses farm in Archangelos. You can be accompanied by one of the volunteers to take you to the miniature horses. This is a great experience for children.

How to Reach Stegna Beach?

Stegna is easily accessible by bus, taxi, hired car, or motorbike.The bus can be taken from Rhodes City Centre to Stegna every day, except Sundays.

Trips During the Stegna Beach Holidays

Book one of our amazing excursions to make your holiday to Stegna even more memorable. We have many excursions to choose from to suit everyone’s needs.

Simply Symi: Set sail from Mandraki harbor to the calm waters of the beautiful sister island, Symi. It is one of the few unspoiled islands that are worth exploring.

Turkish delight: Enjoy bargains galore, with all the designer names you love but at a fraction of the designer price. You can visit 2 continents in one day, and you can also take the ‘Turkish delight to Maramis’. Shop till you drop to experience Turkish culture and also the bustle of the local market.

Off-road safari: Experience the thrill of thrilling adventure while you travel to the best Rhodes has on offer. You will also find simple Greek villages nestled in the rugged, off-road landscapes and beautiful monasteries.

Lindos from a boat: A visit to Rhodes or Greece would not be complete without visiting the Crown Jewel, Lindos. Enjoy the beauty of the clear, crystal-clear waters as you sail along and also watch the world pass by.

Grand Island Tour: Explore the most important cultural and traditional sites on the island. With a professional guide, you will also see all the highlights. You will start at Valley of the butterflies and travel along the scenic coastline of Soroni, Fanes and Kalavarda. Also, you’ll visit the ancient Kamiros. For a unique wine tasting, visit Embonas winery. After lunch, we’ll take you through Siana, Appollakia, Monolithos and Kiotari. The true Greek experience.

Final Words

Stegna beach is an ideal beach for families. Stegna has a sandy beach and some pebbles. Children can swim and play in the shallow, calm water. Even in peak season, the beach is quite quiet. There are many good restaurants right on the beach, as well as tavernas and cafes.

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