Loggas Beach


Loggas beach, located below Peroulades village, is one of the most unique on the island. The steep, vertical cliffs lead to a narrow, sandy beach. When the sea is stirred, the beach disappears. The layers of cliffs that rise above the beach consist mainly of clay sediments separated by layers of sand. This creates an amazing scene. Spread the clay that you have collected from the rocks on your skin and face. This is the best product for natural peeling. Logga’s waters are shallow, clear and turquoise. When the sun sets into the ocean, it is right in front of the beach. You will also find signs leading you to a large parking lot at the top of the cliff. The descent begins from there. The peninsula of Drastis is located near Logga. It’s a natural swimming area with many sedimentary islands in the blue water.

Geographical Area of Loggas Beach

Logas the Sunset ranks 130th out of 501 beaches within the Ionian Island region, 28.4km from its center, the city Corfu. It is located just 0.5km from the center of the Peroulades beach. It is surrounded by cliffs and lies in a beautiful natural setting.

You don’t need to wear special shoes because it is a large coastline with several bays and turquoise water. It is easy to get in and out of the water. The beach is ideal for many types of people: partygoers, single travelers, lovers of relaxation, and lonely travelers. The beach is sometimes crowded in high seasons.

It is located on the northwest coast and is known for its breathtaking views and also romantic sunsets. This is a picturesque landscape, with narrow beaches of fine sand and towering over it by peculiar limestone rocks.

This is the perfect place for those who are looking for a peaceful piece of paradise. Loggas is a place to relax and enjoy the divine gift of clay. The clay is very rich in this region.

You would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t see the spectacular sunset. The “7th Heaven restaurant” perches on top of the cliff.

Most Popular Beaches in the World

1: Canal d’Amour beach, Sidari

Canal d’Amour is the most fascinating beach on Corfu. The name Canal d’Amour means “the channel for love” because of the turquoise waters and morphology that also make up its morphology. Canal d’Amour, located near Sidari village is a natural marvel. Its beautiful rock formations are carved by water and also wind around the small sandy beach. We recommend that you also go early in the morning to enjoy the tranquil version of Canal d’Amour. Don’t forget to visit the coves and caves that also surround the beach.

2: Gardenos beach, Vitalades

Gardenos beach in Corfu is a hidden treasure. It is located close to Vitalades village. It has a beautiful, 2km long, sandy beach with a natural wild landscape. There are sunbeds and also umbrellas available. You will also find a lot of facilities such as restaurants, cafes, and a large parking lot. You must pass through Vitalades village to reach Gardenos beach. This beautiful village is worth a quick stop!

3: Glyfada beach, Glyfada

Glyfada beach is the most visited Corfu beach due to its numerous beach bars and stunning natural landscape. It is nestled in a sandy cove, surrounded by lush green hills covered with olives and pine trees. It boasts stunning scenery. Although this beach is often crowded, it offers some privacy in the southmost section. However, there are local buses that take you to the beach in summer.

What activities are there in Logass Beach besides relaxation?

You will find sunbeds and umbrellas available for rent on one side of the beach. But if you walk a little further, you will reach a more tranquil area. Many people love to take a mud bath here, mixing some of the clay stones and seawater with it and also applying it as a cream to your hair and skin. It’s not only possible to do this in Corfu, but it is one of the most popular.


We arrived in the afternoon, and the amazing view made an impression on our eyes. Although the beach is quite small, it’s located at the base of a steep, rocky cliff. The parking lot is located upstairs, as well as the 7th Heaven restaurant. It’s worth taking a walk up there to see the cliffs from many perspectives. A glass terrace extends beyond the edge to the restaurant, giving you the feeling that you are floating in the air.


After admiring the view from the top, we descend the concrete steps towards the beach. We passed a magnificent cliff on our way. Standing under the rock wall can also really feel the sheer size of the rock wall.

You will need to cross the water in order to reach the main beach, as you can see from the photos. You can get by without getting wet because the water is only about knee-deep.


It is located in the northwest corner of the island, just below Peroulades village. The cliffs rise up to a narrow sandy beach that disappears when the sea is stirred. Although this beach isn’t ideal for sunbathing, there are no facilities. People come here to swim, relax, take pictures, and also enjoy the beautiful scenery.

We reached the famous Logas Beach next on our road trip. Because it is located on the coast, we can see to the west from the beach. Logas Beach is popular among tourists because of its stunning sunsets.


How do I get to Loggas Beach?

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get to this legendary beach. To get to the west, we must drive through the entire town. It is easiest to drive to the 7th Heaven restaurant at the top of the cliff using navigation. It is easy to find a parking space near the restaurant.

The ideal time of year to visit Loggas Beach is?

The warmest months are June 30, July 33 and August 33. The best months for the most warm water are July 25, August 26, September 26 and September 25. The lowest precipitation near Loggas Beach is in January, February and March.

What is the sea temperature at Loggas Beach?

The sea average temperature is 20. The hottest water is February (15). August is the hottest month (26). The table below provides more information on the seasonal temperature distribution near Loggas Beach.

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