Issos Beach


Issos Beach is a 1.5-kilometre-long ribbon of golden sand that runs alongside gently-sloping dunes. These separate it and the forests and wetlands surrounding Lake Korission which are Corfu’s most important freshwater bodies. This beach is located in the southeast corner of the island and has a lifeguard station during the high season. Issos is a shallow entrance into stunning turquoise waters. However, there are waves that can put some people off. These breakers are a great place to go sailing or surfing. Because of the strong wind, kite surfers and windsurfers love the beach. Issos Beach’s middle section has plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas available for rent. You will need to travel short distances to find hotels or tavernas due to the proximity of Issos and Lake Korission. However, there is a kiosk that offers basic refreshments as well as a rental shop for beach gear.

Most Popular Resort Areas on Issos Beach

Issos Beach, a golden beach with lots of dunes, is located in SW. Corfu. It is part of the NATURA 2000 protected areas, along with the unique Cedar Forest Corfu and wetland Korission. There are also sunbeds and umbrellas available. Paradise Beach Bar in Issos is a unique spot and hosts parties with live music. You won’t find any rented accommodation, restaurants, or cafes in the NATURA 2000 area.


Halikounas Beach is located 26,5 kilometers from Corfu’s capital. This is a narrow, sandy strip with the partial organization. It attracts water sports enthusiasts, such as sailing and surfing. Because it is close to the NATURA wetlands Korission, there is only one canteen.

WETLAND Korission

Corfu is a lagoon that was formed between Issos beaches and Stan. Lake and Halikounas to B. It covers an area of 6.000 acres. Many species of birds call it home, including the gorgeous pink flamingos. The salt water in the wetland is salty as the sea comes through an aperture. Local fishermen use the traditional boats to fish small shrimps and fish ponds. You will find the lily-of-the-sea and other wild orchid species through the dunes.

The soil has a rare geological characteristic, which allows for petromorfes dunes to reach 17 m. Between the beaches of Halikounas, Issos, and Issos, cedars flourish, creating a unique Mediterranean cedar forest.

The stunning lagoon is ideal for bird watching and surfing. More than 160 species can be found here.

Activities at Issos Beach

Issos Beach, located 35 kilometers from Corfu City, is the most beautiful beach on Corfu. This beach is a favorite of both locals and tourists due to its high dunes and crystal-clear waters. This beach is still untouched by mass tourism, which means that everyone can enjoy a sandy beach almost unspoiled. There are no hotels as the beach borders the protected Korission lagoon.

1: Wind and water at Issos Beach

The beach is situated in a protected nature reserve. This ensures that the water quality is exceptional. The Ionian Sea is a vibrant blue sea that radiates intensely. It is quite calm at the beach’s popular holiday spot in the morning, but a strong wind will bring the best conditions for windsurfers or kitesurfers. It is suitable for beginners because the water is shallow. Professional and advanced surfers alike love to visit this beach to relax on the water. You will find watersports equipment and courses on the beach. During the summer, it is always available to you.

2: Nature at Issos Beach

Because the dunes beach is so large, there are very few buildings. Every beach-goer will find a quiet spot for himself. You can walk further north to find long stretches of beach that are yours alone. Because they are completely unaffected, this is why nudists love to go to the back of the beach. High dunes offer privacy and are difficult to see.

3: Area’s environmental preserve

Long walks are possible on the Issos high dunes. You will often see holidaymakers riding quads in the sand. Although this doesn’t exactly correspond with nature conservation, it is a lot of fun. Quad bikers often form larger groups and make their way to the beach parking lot to explore the dunes. You can also enjoy the stunning scenery for photos. The Korission Lagoon is a large freshwater lake that borders the sea.


You can ride horses in the area, traversing the cedar forest and the lakeside path wetland. You can ride on Issos’s beach or the impressive dunes. which are firm enough for horses to trot on, even if you are a beginner. (information, DIMITRIS HORSE RIDING BEACH ISOS).

Which Corfu region has the best beaches?

Issos, the most well-known beach resort on Corfu, is also a popular choice. Many beaches in Corfu are lined up with hotels and bars, as well as seaside restaurants, watersport centers and bars. Below is a list listing the top beaches on Corfu Island.

Are there any beaches in Issos?

Issos is the ideal spot if you are looking for a traditional beach. This beach is easy to access from Issos. This beach is a great choice for families because it has a very shallow water level.

Is Issos a popular party place?

Although Issos nightlife is smaller than many of Corfu’s resorts, it is still one of the most vibrant on the island. You can party until the wee hours of the morning at many of the bars and Tavernas.


Issos beach ranks 14th out of 501 beaches within the Ioanian islands region, 21.4 kilometers from its center. It is located just 1.4km from the city of Corfu and one of the most beautiful beaches in Agios Georgios. You don’t need to wear special shoes because it has crystal clear turquoise water and pure gold fine sand. It is normal to feel the water’s sharp edges when you enter it.

The Issos Coast is open to all. The beach offers the following amenities: loungers and umbrellas; a beach restaurant; changing rooms; showers; toilets. You can also take part in water sports such as jet skis or catamarans. The area also has a water park with many inflatable toys that offer great entertainment for children and parents.

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