Plathiena is a stunning beach with beautiful sand and crystal-clear water. The water is shallow and suitable for children, with great snorkeling spots. A few loungers are available and there is a nice cafe that overlooks the beach.

Plathenia locates in a cove protected by surrounding cliffs. It is easy to access by car via a narrow road. Plaka is approximately 1.5 miles away. The walk is largely barren, but picturesque, and includes a small church. Plathenia, one of the most beautiful beaches in Milos, is an excellent spot to enjoy stunning sunsets.

Geographical Importance of Plathenia

Plathiena ranks 75th out of 1020 beaches within the South Aegean area, 89.9km from the city of Ermoupoli. It is located just 0.6km from the center of Fourkovouni. It situates in a natural area, amongst the mountains.

The beach is ideal for seniors, senior citizens, and those who are looking to relax. Plathiena’s coast is open to all. The beach is easy to access, as it is very close to the road. There is parking right on the beach. Within a radius of 5km, there are 4 additional beaches. Sarakiniko Beach is the best, with a rating of 7.8.

General information about Plathiena

Plathiena’s postal code is 84800, and its telephone access code +3022870. You can view Plathiena photos, explore Plathiena’s Map and other Destinations, locate Plathiena Hotels, and check Plathiena’s Weather on our Plathiena Page. Follow the links to the left.

View from the beach

The northern end of the beach surrounds by farmland. If you wish to reach an outlook spot, you will have to climb to the cliff at its southern end. This beach is more suitable for swimming than hiking.

Akrathi View

The beach Plathiena offers a nice view of the small island of Akrathi. There are only two buildings there – the lighthouse and the church.

Top 5 Famous Beaches in Plathiena

1. Pollonia Beach

Plaka is an inland port, while Adamas is an island. So, Pollonia Beach is one of the most beautiful spots in Milos. It’s located inside a charming harbor with traditional fishing boats and a backdrop of the rugged mountains at Kimolos. It’s a great place to spend the day because it’s right in the middle of town.

2. Firopotamos Beach

Firopotamos is one of the most stunning beaches on Milos thanks to its pink cliffs and the electric blue ocean. The beach located in a small bay so it protects from strong Milos winds. You can also rent bean bags and chairs from the canteen. There are beautiful ancient ruins that overlook the ocean, as well as a spot to park right above the beach.

3. Agia Kyriaki Beach

Agia Kyriaki, located 14km south of Plaka, is the southernmost tip of the island. There is also a restaurant serving fine Greek food and the beach is made up of fine pebbles and sand. This beach feels secluded due to the rugged, high cliffs.

It is a stunning landscape, with its clear, emerald water. It’s also easy to reach by car and there are shade trees. This beach is great for families. A bus goes to the beach.

4. Thiorichia Beach

It is a bustling beach with a haunting backdrop. It is one of the most unique beaches in Milos, and it is also worth visiting. There is still sulfur left around and abandoned equipment. Your car can also be driven all the way to the beach. Unfortunately, we were also unable to visit this beach as our car was not permitted in the area of Milos.

5. Papafragas

Similar to Sarakiniko Beach Papafragas are a series of caves formed by volcanic activity millions of years ago. The best thing about Papafragas Caves is the opportunities to explore the hidden beaches and caves among the rocks.

Papafragas creates for adventurous who like to take on the challenge of finding the ideal spot to sunbathe and swim.

It can become very crowded and littered depending on the tide. To have the beach to yourself, you should plan to visit it early in the morning.

How to get to Plathiena beach

Plaka is your reference point. Follow the road that crosses the olive tree-covered valley that leads to the sea. It fills up quickly, so be careful.

It also reaches via a dirt road from Firopotamos Beach. You should always drive carefully on remote roads to avoid damaging vehicles. Otherwise, you could end up in a very difficult situation.

Another way to get to Plathiena Beach by sea is also an option. You have also two options: rent a boat or hire a sea taxi. It is a spectacular way to view the rabbit-bear rocks in all their splendor. So, it is a must-see stop for anyone who wants to explore the area and spend the day on a peaceful and difficult-to-forget beach.

Final Thoughts

Plathiena Beach, located right next to the visitor’s car park, is made up of a mixture of pebbles and sand. Although not the most comfortable, anyone who enjoys swimming in shallow warm water with no restrictions will be satisfied. Plathiena boasts unbelievably warm water that heats up to bathtub temperature in the bay. The beach is a great spot to watch Antimilos’ sunset, while the valley is bathed with warm sunlight. Plathiena is a popular summer destination. Parking spaces quickly disappear, and this idyllic enclave can become a gridlock when there are too many cars.

The beach bar is a small, intimate spot that provides bathers with the best of both worlds: shady seating and a little bit of relaxation.

FAQS about Plathiena

Are there sandy beaches in Plathiena?

There are also many sandy beaches on Plathenia that can be found all over the island. Plathiena Beach, Provatas Beach, and Pollonia Beach are the most well-known sandy beaches. Gerakas Beach is also the best Plathenia beach, accessible only by boat. It is also the prettiest.

Are there nice beaches in Plathiena?

Plathenia is home to many beautiful beaches. The best thing about Plathenia Beaches is their uniqueness. There are beaches that only reach by ladder (Tsigrado Beach), or by boat.

So, there are also stunning backdrops to beaches in Plathenia like abandoned Sulfur Mines (Thiorichia Beach), and pretty fishing huts. There are many beaches in Plathenia that will appeal to both the traditionalist and adventurous.

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