Stelari Beach


Stelari beach is located at the 102nd place of 501 beaches within the Ioanian islands region, 16.2km from its center. It is surrounded by cliffs and lies in a beautiful natural setting. It is not crowded during peak season. Stelari beach ( Ioanian islands), is not within the Kanakades Settlement, which can cause problems for travelers who live far from the coast. The village’s remoteness is not necessarily a negative thing. People who seek quiet peace and tranquility know that the further the beach is, the fewer people there are.

Geographical Importance of Stelari Beach

This beautiful beach is truly a paradise with its crystal-clear water and white sand. This is a great place for people who want to escape the crowds and packed beaches. It is the ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle and just relax. Stelari is a relaxing place to be. Make sure you have all the essentials: sunscreen, bug spray and beach towels. Stelari awaits you with these helpful tips! You can either watch the sunset over the horizon in the evening or enjoy the beautiful night stars from the beach. You will feel rejuvenated and renewed no matter what you do at Stelari.

Its white sand beaches and shallow waters make it a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the beauty of Corfu. Imagine the night sky lit only by stars, the ocean lapping against your shore and the warmth from the sun on the skin.

Because there is no light pollution, the stars can be clearly seen here. Stelari is famous for its unspoiled beauty. It is surrounded by majestic hills and crystal-blue water, making it an idyllic piece of paradise you will never forget. Stelari offers many opportunities for adventurous adventurers. You can also explore the natural world, see stunning scenery, or even spot wildlife.

Activities at Stelari Beach

Stelari beach, an isolated beach with pebbles on the west coast of Corfu, has very clear blue waters. This beach is a paradise, so make sure you have everything you need. Stelari can be seen at a distance the small islet Kolivri, which is a popular fishing spot for locals.

It can only be reached by sea. You can either rent a boat from Liapades beach, or take a sloop on one of the many sea tours that depart from there. These tours often stop at other beaches nearby which are equally idyllic and beautiful: Paradise, Liniodoro, and Giali.

You can take a tour along the shore and see the many caves that have been created in this area. The shores of Paleokastritsa are also accessible.

Stelari Beach Facilities

Continue reading to learn more about this secret gem and plan your perfect trip to it today.

Stelari is a small beach with humongous cliffs that rise above the water and clear, transparent waters. A few meters away are Paradise and Liniodoro beaches, as well as Giali. Stelari is facing the small island Kolivri at a distant distance, which is a popular fishing spot among the locals.

You can rent a boat from Liapades beach if you don’t own one, or join a boat tour that visits this area of Corfu. They usually stop at Stelari and other nearby beaches. Both are equally idyllic and beautiful. You can swim and explore the many caves that have been created in this area of the island, and you can also reach the Palaiokastritsa shores.

Finding the Corfu Unknown Way to Stelari Beach


It has been a passion of mine to sit in the square Liapades with my Grandpa’s. They find it a way to relax. They talk, argue with one another, swear, laugh, and share a drink. However, they still visit the square to catch-up with their friends. You will hear many stories from them about their past, including how they lived, how it was, and what it was like.


Dimitris, my friend, and I enjoy hiking and discovering. The beach at Iliodoros is a favorite spot of ours. Sun’s Gift: Hike To The Secret Beach is also an Airbnb experience. It is extremely popular with tourists. There are many paths that lead to the mountain, which offer beautiful views and also connect with other paths. Corfu is home to many of these. We reached our destination and walked down to the beach. To get back, however, we had to swim all of the way to a beach accessible by foot.

Instead of looking aimlessly, we decided that we would take advantage of the chance to meet these Pappou’s (grandpas) in the square and learn from them. Because of the olive trees, they spent their entire lives in these mountains. We knew that if we wanted to find out more about the area, these men were the ones to ask.


We wanted to know if there were any secret paths that lead down to beaches not accessible by boat. Remember that we asked the same question to many friends in Liapades, and all of them said no. Marinis, an old-timer, replied with a smile on his face that said “of course”. The old-timer Marinis then continued to tell us how he used to walk down to Stelari every day. It is difficult to reach by foot. We asked him to continue. He said that near the land he owns with Olive trees there is a steep hill leading to a corner.

How do you get to Stelari?

It is possible to reach Stelari beach by small boat. They make short tours and then return to the shore after a few hours. It is only about a mile from Paleokastritsa. You can also rent a boat to use for as long as you want, if you have the money and are able to. You can also rent a sea petal if you are young enough and skilled enough. It takes only minutes! We recommend that you get information about the weather conditions before you attempt the route alone or with a group. Even though it is a short distance, the weather can also be unpredictable and your safety should always be your top priority.

Final Words

Stelari Beach is the ideal place to spend a quiet day at the beach. It is a popular destination for those who want to enjoy the beautiful sunsets, crystal clear waters and lush vegetation. It is a perfect spot for romantic getaways. Start planning your perfect day by discovering the secrets and enjoy the beautiful sunsets.

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